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She Starts Up is Janine Sickmeyer's story of building her legal tech company while getting married and having four kids in just 5 years. Along the way, Janine was met with the adversity of being a solo-female founder and faced rejection from venture capitalists.

But none of this stopped Janine. Instead of staying down, she forged ahead to launch a product that changed the market forever. Janine taught herself how to code, built a skilled team and bootstrapped her company to revenue.

She Starts up is the incredible entrepreneurial journey of a female founder, wife, and mother. The inspiration you've been searching for, this book will encourage you to take the leap and start your next venture.

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It's no secret that entrepreneurship is hard. But trust me, even though it isn't easy, it will be worth it.

I worked on my startup non-stop, did all of the tedious tasks you can think of, and took little to no pay for nearly 6 years. Starting my company wasn't glamorous or perfect, and being a female founder presented its own unique set of challenges.

Even though I hit roadblocks and was knocked down more times than I'd like to admit, I embraced failure and took risks to forge my own path as an entrepreneur.

And one more thing — during all of this, I also got married and had four kids.

In She Starts Up, I'm telling the story of my entrepreneurial journey. I experienced highs and lows. I fell into the entrepreneur trough of sorrow. But most importantly, I achieved significant accomplishments and reached my big exit through acquisition. This book is how I did it all.

I'm sharing my experiences so you know that you're not alone. You can build a business, be a great leader and have the family you've always wanted. Launch your startup and girl, have your babies.

Read on!

Janine Sickmeyer

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What's In This Book

A Startup Story

She Starts Up pulls back the curtain to reveal Janine Sickmeyer's remarkable startup story from idea to fruition. After pitching to investors and being rejected 82 times, Janine was left with the decision to quit or keep going. She chose the latter and bootstrapped her tech company by being scrappy and persistent. In just 6 years, Janine grew her team, company and user-base and was eventually acquired. You'll get an inside look into what it's like to raise funding and build a business, and sell a company from a female founders perspective.

Personal & Professional Growth

During her entrepreneurial journey, Janine Sickmeyer experienced tremendous growth as a business leader, mother, and wife. With honestly and vulnerability, Janine exposes what it's really like to be a successful entrepreneur while raising a family at the same time. She experienced doubt, imposter syndrome, and even postpartum depression and anxiety. Starting a business and being a mother can affect a person's mental health. Learn that it's okay to struggle and find techniques for addressing issues and moving forward stronger than ever.


Janine Sickmeyer shows business leaders and entrepreneurs that they can thrive no matter their background. Entrepreneurship isn't one-size-fits-all, and you don't always have to follow the traditional path to success. And with She Starts Up, you'll uncover that achieving your business goals while investing in yourself and having a family is possible from a female founder who did it all.

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Meet the Author

Janine Sickmeyer is a former paralegal turned tech entrepreneur. She founded and built legal tech company NextChapter, serving as Founder and CEO for 6 years until acquired by Fastcase in September of 2019. During that time, Janine bootstrapped NextChapter to revenue and created a product that is used by attorneys and paralegals every day.

Being a first-time founder required Janine to learn and manage several aspects of business, including software development, sales and marketing, and user experience design. She has taken her expertise to her current role as Managing Director of NextChapter.

Janine is passionate about sharing her startup story to help women overcome challenges in business leadership and entrepreneurship. In her free time, Janine reads books of all genres, travels with her husband, and plays make-believe with her four young children.

Janine Sickmeyer
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